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Work-out for 5 days a week (This is a work-out I use during the summer)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Strengthening and Power)
Tuesday/Thursday (Endurance and aerobics)

(1) conditioning
(2) strength
(3) flexibility
(4) Joint range of motion

STEP ONE (5 minutes)
Always START with a warm-up phrase (You should warm-up the body until you break a light sweat or feel comfortably warmed-up)
(1) to elevate body temperature
(2) to promote blood flow
(3) To prepare body to work
  •  Light jog
  • Jump Roping
  • 5 minutes of chants movements, arms and legs (non-stop)
  • Any movements using large muscles.

STEP TWO (ten minutes)
Stretching: Hold stretch for 30 counts, do not bounce.
(I always have my cheerleaders count together out loud )
It is important that you stretch every part of your body!
I always start with the feet and work my way up the body.
Sitting on the floor you can cover a wide range of muscles

  • Legs together straight out in front and lean forward and pull toes toward body: calves, upper back of the legs, gluts and lower back. (gastrocnemius, hamstrings, gluteus maximus and erector spinae)
  • Straddle legs and lean to one side, point toes, arm overhead. Reverse. Center. Stretches inside thighs, lower back, and front of lower legs. (abductor magnus, latissimus dorsi, anterior tibialis)
  • Lay on back, bend knees into chest. Stretches all the back muscles.lay on back, bend one knee into chest them open leg out with knee bent. Reverse. (Hip Flexor)
  • Diamond stretch (soles of the feet together). Stretches inside thighs and back.
  • Beauty Queen Stretch: Bend one knee and cross over other leg that is extended straight out on the floor. Rotate trunk to opposite side , i.e. if right leg is crossed over left leg, rotate your trunk to right). Reverse. Stretches waistline (obliques)
  • Clasp hands together in front of body and pull forward. Stretches arms and shoulders.Repeat with arms overhead, then lean to one side and reverse. Repeat with arms clasp behind back. Stretches chest.
  • One had grabs the other and pulls hand back, then push hand down. Reverse hands. Stretches wrists


  • Lift leg back and grab foot. Keep knee bent beside other leg. Reverse. Stretches quadriceps.
  • Tilt head toward shoulder. Reverse. Stretches neck.

There are many other ways to stretch these muscle groups. Be creative and change the stretches. For example, do most of the above floor stretches standing or use the wall to assist in the stretching.


These are our weight training days. Keep a chart and track your progress.
Focus on proper technique and alignment. Stretch in between.
Depending on the condition of cheerleaders, you need to decide on how many sets of 10 reps they do.  Start off easy and work into more sets.


Use your body weight to work your legs.

  • Standing squats: feet apart and toes pointing forward (no turn-out second position plies). Keep your back straight, abdomen in tight, knees over your toes. Do not squad any lower then 90 degree angle.
  • Double lunges. Right leg steps forward and bend both knees. Reverse with left leg forward. Alignment is very important on this one!
  • Sit on floor, straddle leg lifts. Do right, then left, then both together.

  • Crunches
  • V sit-ups


  • Repeating tuck jumps . Concentrate on height and landing on the ball of the foot then heel down. This will help them to understand how to land their cheer jumps preventing the flat-footed, loud clunk-type landing.
  • Partner straddle jumps: 2 people face each other and grabs each other's arms. One turns palms up as the other turns palms down. One partner supports part of the body weight as the other straddle jumps concentrating on height, pointed toes, and repetition. Change jump person.

  • Push -ups. You can vary this from girls' push-ups to boys' push-ups to elevating your feet. (CHEST)

With dumb bells
  • Dumbbell press: sitting on bench or chair, hold 2 dumb bells together at shoulder level with palms facing in. Rotate your palms forward as you lift your elbows up and in line with your shoulders. Return to starting position and repeat. (SHOULDERS & CHEST)
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Standing, start with dumbbells at shoulders and palms facing out. Push weights straight overhead, keeping dumbbells facing forward. Return to starting position and repeat. (SHOULDERS)
  • Dumbbell curls: Keep elbows tucked into waist, palms are facing out. Curl weights up towards body, i.e. biceps curl. Return to starting position and repeat. (BICEPS)
  • Kickbacks: Put one knee on bench, other foot on the floor. Take weight into one hand . Support your body with other hand on the bench. Bend at waist until your upper torso is horizontal. Lift your upper arm to your side and pull it close to your body. Bend your elbow into a right angle. Straighten your arm behind your torso. Only forearm moves. Return to starting position and repeat. Reverse arms. (TRICEPS)
  • Dumbbell row: Support yourself again on a bench. This time, start with weight in hand down to the floor. Pull elbow up and in to torso. Contract your shoulder blades. Return to starting position and repeat. Change to other arm. (BACK)
  • Prone Dumbbell Flys: Place bench on a 12" box. Make it stable. Lie on the bench face forward. Bring your hands together with palms facing each other and elbow bent. Raise weights with elbows slightly bent. Contract your shoulder blades. Return to starting position and repeat. (BACK)


  • Push Up Depth Jump: Assume a push-up position. Make sure your back is straight and contract your abdominals. Hands are shoulder wide apart. Push off the ground with your hands and catch yourself with elbows extended 90 degrees out from your body and hands directly under your elbows. Basically jump your hands out. Remove one hand at a time and place back to standing position. Only do a few of these and built up to 10. Again body alignment is very important.
  • Push Press: Using a barbell, start with feet together, barbell at shoulder level, palms facing out. Bend at knees and hop feet apart as barbell is extended overhead. Return to starting position and repeat.


  • Curls: Lay arm and elbow on a table with wrist hanging ever the edge, palm facing up. With light weights curl wrist. Return to starting position and repeat. Change hands.
  • Extended: Assume same position as above except palm is facing down. This time start with wrist bent and extend downward. Return to starting position and repeat. Change hands.

Finish with a 1 mile jog/walk, then stretch.


I do one hour of aerobics and conditioning (always remembering to warm-up and stretch). Aerobics can be dance aerobics, step aerobics, running, jump lines with jogging in between, stations. Anything that gets the heart rate up to a training rate (roughly 16 beats per minute). This is the part that you can be creative.

I encourage them to do some sort of aerobic exercise on the week-ends if possible.


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Page by Pam Headridge,
Oak Harbor WA