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A great pep assembly not only gets students out of their classes – it gets them fired up for the big game! Here are just a few ways to guarantee that your pep rally will be a huge success.

Pep Rally Ideas

How to Organize a Successful Pep Rally

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More Pep Rally Ideas

Ideas for Spirit Week

Class Competitions

At the last assembly before the winter holiday break, have the teachers do a skit around the song, "12 Days of Christmas". Have them change the words to 12 Days of Vacation. They will sing what they plan on doing...." On the first day of vacation I plan to do for me, sitting on the couch and watching TV...."

Audience Art

Select teams of four people from the audience. Give each team gets a box of materials (crepe paper streamers, balloons, permanent markers, stickers, cardboard, etc.) and five minutes to create the best spirit display. The crowd response selects the winning team. Those members get a small reward like an imprinted stadium cup, free popcorn at the game, etc.

Wrap Your Rival
Choose teams of three people from the audience. One member of each team represents the rival school. The other two team members are given rolls of crepe streamer in your school colors. Hold a contest to see which team completely wraps the "rival school" team member from head to toe the fastest.

TP Streamers
Mount a roll of toilet paper on a stick. With a leaf blower, blow against the toilet roll so it unfurls in the wind.

Scavenger Hunt
At our school we do a scavenger hunt during the assembly. We hold big signs up that tells the students what they need to have (real tattoo, guy& girl with shoelaces tied together, 3 people with same name in same grade, miss-matched socks etc). The first class to collect all the items wins the class competition.

TP a Teacher
Have 4 pairs of teachers (try to pair them up with one tall teacher and one short teacher). Next, have 2 reps from each grade come down from the audience. The goal is to empty a roll of toilet paper as fast as they can covering the teachers head to toe. The first grade/class that wins gets an activity day to themselves (like a movie day). Encourage the students to cheer on their fellow classmates! Its a riot! Play music like "Tootsie Roll" and have cheerleaders throw tootsie rolls while all of this is going on.

Mix Up Shoes
Have 5 people from each grade take their shoes off and place them in the middle of the gym floor. Mix up the pile of shoes. Place these 5 people from different grades at each corner of the gym. Freshmen at one corner, sophomores at another and so on. These people have 2 minutes to find their shoes and put them on and run back to their starting place. The grade with the most people finished, wins!


MONDAY: Report to the school that your mascot is missing.
TUESDAY: Report that the mascot was seen in front of the school - display a picture
WEDNESDAY: Report the mascot was picked up by police - display a picture
THURSDAY: Report the mascot in jail - show a picture
FRIDAY: PEP RALLY- Report that the mascot was picked up by aliens and was returned to the school by the MEN IN BLACK, aka the principal and another teacher in MIB suits and glasses. Have them walk out to Men in Black by Will Smith. Then get the cheerleaders to dress as aliens and do a short dance to the song.

Other ideas:
1. Structure the assembly around a song or TV/movie theme. Song Themes
Examples: Mission Impossible, Tribal Dance (especially if your mascot is an Indian), Funky Town, Star Wars, Survivor, Buffy the (Anti-Spirit) Slayer, Millionaire, Weakest Link, Austin Powers, Spiderrman.
2. Structure the assembly around a phrase
“Sock It to the _______” Use 50’s music. Pie in the face skit
“Beach the ________” Use Beach Boys music.
“_______won’t Stay Alive” Use Disco music -Saturday Night Fever. Decorate with a dance ball or strobe light
“Black Out ________” Use current music. Have everyone dress in all black. Do chants in the dark using flashlight or glow sticks.

MORE PEP RALLY THEMES from asbdirector.com

Toss a bunch of pom pons in a large, clear container. Then set the container in an open area where students can guess how many poms are inside the container. Annouce the winner at next pep rally. The winner receives a pair of poms and free admission to the big game!

Have a special location in the school where you hang a poster or banner with the words to the cheer for all the students to read and learn before the game. Then teach it at your
next pep rally.


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