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101 School Spirit Ideas

"101 School Spirit Ideas is a must have for any cheerleading program. You will find yourself amazed at the small things that make a big difference when promoting school spirit. The ideas are simple, yet very effective. The book will help you get everyone involved and have fun in the process"

Andrea Snyder, Athletic Coordinator,
Juanita High School, WA
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LOCKER SIGNS & MORE TREATS for Players, Spirit Bags




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PERSONAL SPIRIT SIGNS - For the big "playoff game" or state championship game, make up 8x11 signs and hand them out to the fans when they arrive at the game. Include the words to the most popular chants, picture of the team, words to the fight song and alma mater. On the flip side print the word, "BELIEVE" in big letters. - Cindy Pardee, Bellevue HS, WA

- Juanita HS, WA Make one with your school to get everyone involved!

SPIRIT NATION - Our “Spirit Nation” grew into one of the most popular groups on campus... read more

SPIRIT FENCE: Paint Styrofoam cups with your school colors. Spell out spirit slogans and mascot name pulling the cups through the holes in a chain link fence at stadium.

Pick a THEME SONG for your team and play it at the pep rallies and games. For example, if you school color is purple, choose "Purple People Eater", or "Purple Rain". If your school color is black use "Men in Black". Or choose a theme idea like " Danger Zone", "Superman", "Raise the Roof", "Raining Men". SONG THEMES

SNAKE DANCE (parade) through town to your stadium on the evening of your Homecoming game. Have the cheerleaders and band lead the way!

Tie BALLOONS in your school colors to telephone poles and signs on the street that leads to your stadium on the day of the big Homecoming game.

Make a portable ARCHWAY out of PVC pipe. Decorate it with balloons.

DANCING LETTERS---make large stretch pillow cases with your school's letters on the outside. Make them big enoug h for a cheerleader to fit inside. (see below)


BANNERS: Make your own reusable run-through banner from 2 pieces of windbreaker material and velcro (lightly) together. Then paint on banner with cloth paint.

CLING PAPER: Buy cling paper at your local craft store. Using a die cut machine, cut out school symbol and then put them on cars in your school parking lot just before the big game!

FOLLOW THE FOOT PRINTS: Cut paws or foot prints from background paper to "pave" the way to the big pep rally or stadium!

SEA OF FANS: Create a sea of color in the stands! Give the first person in each row a 19" roll of gossamer. As the roll is passed from person to person along the horizontal row, your school's dominance unfolds. (A 100 yard roll covers the length of a football field!) When the fans are covered, start a giant wave.

IT’S A NEW WAVE: Start a unique wave in the bleachers. Instead of the normal wave where fans rise slightly and raise their arms, encourage them to do the "twister". (Fans stand up completely, turn all the way around, and sit back down.)

Work with your BAND, they are your best allies. Don’t just dance to band music. Do interactive things such as “hand jive” so that the audience can participate.

GLOW WITH IT: Get the fans in on the glow action with glow necklaces!

Sparklers Light SPARKLERS (buy them during the 4th of July) and form a tunnel for the football players to run through at half time. (see below)

Make a huge FLAG. Have the mascot or a student run across the sidelines each time your team scores.

Get a BEACH BALL in your school color. Every time your team scores, toss it into the stands. Retrieve it just after kickoff.

Hand out in the stands, 8 1/2 x 11 CARD STOCK in school colors. When you do a chant using school colors, have the audience hold up their colored card.

Use SIGNS & PROPS. Example: Have a sign that has a “D” on it and a piece of fence. Have the crowd yell “DE - FENCE”

Use METALLIC STREAMERS while cheerleaders are in stunts.

YARD SIGNS: Make a bunch of yard signs about the upcoming game. Could do a theme or series of messages.


Lollipop CheerleadersLOLLIPOP CHEERLEADERS - take 2 pipe cleaners and wrap them around the lollipop.
Glue poms onto the hands. Attach a note and give to spirited students.

Decorate CAKES for each team as a celebration of a new season

Use ROLL DOWN BANNERS to motivate your team and crowd. Attach PVC poles to the
top and bottom of a long sheet of paper. Strengthen the paper by covering the back with clear packaging tape. Put cheerleader in a prep. Give her the banner rolled up. Extend the flyer into a full extension as she drops the bottom of the banner to the ground.

SIGNS - Decorate the entire school with "Welcome Back" signs on the first day of school. Be sure to include signs for the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and staff .

SPIRIT TAGGED - Buy rubber bracelets in school colors. Give to students when they
are spirited at games or during Homecoming Spirit Week.

SPIRIT CAN - Decorate a trash can in school colors. Write "NOISE" on the inside of the lid. Place spirit items like foam paws, t-shirts, candy, mini-magaphones, and rally rags inside. Drag the can to the middle of the basketball court during quarters or time-outs. Lift the lid and encourage the crowd to yell. When they do, throw out items from the can.

 SPIRIT FINGERZS- Here is a great new idea for your fans, your cheerleaders and even you!
They come in lots of color combinations. Check them out!

 BUSES - Greet the buses on the first day of school.

 TEACHERS' DOORS - Decorate the teachers' doors.

 LETTER SIGNS - Spell out your school name or mascot with large letters.

 FAN OF THE WEEK - Pick our loudest, most spirited fan and recognize them with free spirit items, and a special crown. Also post their photos on a school bulletin board and on school website.

 Line the street entering town with FLAGS in school colors during Homecoming Week.

Give a BALLOON to every fan that enters the stadium. You will have a wall of color in the stands.

Band leads a parade into the stadium from the school
Mascot leads the team onto the field
Provide face painting before the game
Rope off a student section in the stands
Band plays the Fight Song as the team enters the field or court

The team and cheerleaders line up together on the field or court and sing the school fight song or alma mater.

SPIRIT BULLETIN BOARD - Place a huge bulletin board in the cafeteria, student union building or gym. Working with your leadership class, ASB school newspaper and digital class, designate one person to take photos each week at the games. On Monday, post pictures of spirited fans. Sell copies of the photos for a dollar each to cover the cost of supplies.
Read a chant backwards and have a prize for the first person who turns in the the chant the correct way.  

Start off the announcements with cheer music, fight song, or chant of the week. 



Paint a ladder (or a big ladder size poster) in school colors and decorate
it with Wildcat on top. On each rung, put the name of the opponents in order, starting with
the bottom rung being the first game.

SPREAD THE NEWS: Decorate the wall with newspapers and write a slogan on top of
newspaper" Spread the news, the Wildcats are gonna beat the _______"

YARD SIGNS: Make a bunch of yard signs about the upcoming game. Could do a theme
or series of messages. Place them all over town, or the school yard.

STOMP OUT THE _______________. This poster could be in the shape of a paw. Put this
big poster on the floor for everyone entering the school to walk on.

UPCOMING GAME: Have an "Upcoming Game" sign. Could be in the shape of a football,
soccer ball or volleyball. As the game approaches, change the signs to refer to that game.
Tell the date, time and location.

PLAYER RECOGNITION: Make giant paper football field out of poster paper and put
mini-helmets on it with the name and number for each player. Display on the wall.
Other examples: Soccer field with little balls, pool with swimsuits, net with volleyballs,
net with tennis balls, megaphone with mini-poms, basketball court with mini-basketballs.

GIANT MEGAPHONE: Make a giant megaphone and display it in the hallway. List the
spirit winners of the week.

CHEER OF THE WEEK: Have a special location in the school where you hang a poster
or banner with the words to the cheer for all the students to read and learn before the game. 

Our team is "TOP OF THE LINE" Hang team's posters on a clothes line.

Decorate the locker room with large paper JERSEYS, BALLS, SINGLETS, or HELMETS
with player's number and name.

Make 3 feet sized PAPER PEOPLE. Decorate them for each sport/activity. Hang in
the cafeteria.

  "Wrap up the competition - MUMMY DOG (see photo to the left) submitted by Andrea
  Snyder, Juanita HS

 Playoff Motivational flyer, "WHO ARE YOU?"



 Your local dollar store has lots of inexpensive ideas and gifts to motivate the players.  Stock up on BASKETBALL-SHAPED BASKETS and BASKETBALL-SHAPED  PLASTIC EGGS.


TURKEY CUPCAKES or COOKIES - "Gobble up the competition!"

OWL COOKIES: "Whoooo is going to win tonight?"


"Cage th Bears" CUPCAKES

Purchase little plastic UMBRELLAS, turn them upside down and fill with candy and cover with clear plastic wrap. Attach a card that says" Wildcats shall reign over the courts (field)"

Wrap up empty TOILET PAPER ROLLS with paper and a pipe cleaner through the top..
fill with goodies, and write "Our team is dynamite!"

EYEBALL CUPCAKES: " Keep your eye on the ball" or "Keep your eye on the goal" - submitted by Robin Stanek, Oak Harbor Youth Football Cheer

ORANGES: Leave a bunch of oranges in the locker room with messages written on the skins.

SENIOR NIGHT: To honor seniors players at the last game of the season. Make
banners with the players numbers, names and year lettered and present to the players at the
last game.

RICE KRISPIES treats shaped as footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs.

FORTUNE COOKIES: Microwave cookies and insert new fortunes.

PINS: Make sports design on white card stock and laminate them. Cut each design out.
Attach a pin to the back and give one to each player or player's parent. Use the same idea
for luggage tags.

Make CAKES for the team to celebrate the beginning of the season.

Stuff a football PINATA, place in locker room with a stick for players to bust open.
Note says, "Beat Snohomish"

Give WATER BOTTLES to the team with personalized labels that say "Quench
your thirst for a victory".

End of the year, make a PERSONALIZED POSTER for the outgoing seniors.

Make PERSONALIZED YARD SIGNS for players/cheerleaders/coaches.

Personalized WHEATIES BOXES . (Template )

NAPKIN-COVERED LOLLIPOPS " They do not have a ghost of a chance to beat the
Mighty Wildcats", "You are Boo-tiful!"

Order PINS in school colors for Wrestlers.

Buy "SMARTIES" candy, add the following saying... "Smarties keep up their GPAs"

PLASTIC EGGS - Put candy in a plastic egg and attach this note:
" You have egg-actly what it takes to win!"

BUBBLES - Give small bottles of bubbles with attached note:
"Blow away the competition!"

PAPER BAG BOOK - An easy to do scrapbook for players or cheerleaders.

MEMORY BOOKS - Buy spiral notebooks and decorated the covers. Give them to the cheerleaders at the beginning of the season to keep all their photos, memontos and thoughts.

MAZES - "Have an Amazing Year! "

TRAIL MIX with the note, "On the Trail to State " or "On the Trail to Victory"
Sticky Notepad


Decorated STICKY NOTEPAD---->

POPPERS - "Start the Season with a Bang!"

WASHCLOTH or SPONGE - "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!"


MATCHBOX filled with candy or small notepad

CANDY POPPERS filled with goodies ---->

Pennant Popper pattern, Football Popper pattern, Youth Cheerleaders Popper pattern, High School Cheerleaders Popper pattern.

POPCORN WRAPPER - "Popping in to Wish You a Great Season!"


GOAL POST Cake or Cupcakes


SPIRIT BAG At football games, the home cheer squad usually gives the visiting cheerleaders a treat. Here is a spirit bag with a little poem about cheerleaders. Idea from Cascade High School Cheer, Everett WA.



HALLOWEEN IDEAS - Several of these ideas can be used other than Halloween
"Keep your eye on the ball"
"They do not have a ghost of a chance to beat the mighty Wildcats"
"Rest in Peace"
"Make it a clean sweep"
"Grab a victory" or "Give yourself a hand"

Package TOOTIE ROLLS in a small bag and attach this note - "Roll over the Competition!"





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