The Competitor's Creed

The contest lasts for moments
though the training's taken years.
It wasn't the winning alone
that was worth the work and tears.
The applause will be forgotten,
the prize misplaced.
But the long, hard hours of practice
will never be a waste!
For in trying to win you build a skill;
You learn that winning depends on will.
You never grow by how much you win,
You only grow by how much you put in.
So in any new challenge you've just begun,
Put forth your best and you've already won!



It's the glimmer of hope when times are tough;
It's a bit more patience when we've had enough.

It's that thoughtful smile when one's desperately needed,
It's that extra push, a reason why we've succeeded.

This part of our personality which never fails to strive,
Is the creator of our goals and the source of our drive.

We are enthused about life, optimistic about what's to be,
Because the cheerleader inside looks for the best of life
you see.

It's the strong support upon which you stand,
It emerges as a friend to lend you a hand.

Where does this light come from, where does the ray start?
It shines in your mind, but ignites in your heart.

The confidence to try, the will to believe,
The acceptance of failure and the way to achieve.

It's very close by, its something we trust.
It's the fighter inside, it's the cheerleader within us.

~ *Kim* CHS Cheerleader


"The time has come once again
To show what we can do
To work together as a team
Not just one or two.
Together we can do anything our hearts desire.
You know we have done it even though we are tired.
So let's look to one another for comfort and cheer
Let's lean on each other as we cry our tears.
Because together we have a goal that we have all set
And that's to be the best team the judges have seen yet.
So let's go out on that floor as a winning team
Let's do what we do best and make that crowd scream.
Because together we can do it.
Together we can.
Together we can be the best team in the land."

"We've Got Spirit" by James McElroy
(it's a chronicle of the 1997-98 year with the Greenup County team),
but he ends it with a poem by Rachel Wills, one of the team members:
  Believing That You Can Do It!

As the day of our competition nears,
Remember the smiles, forget the tears.
Remember the times we've spent together,
Cherish them now, cherish them forever.
Next year it will not be the same,
Some girls lost, some girls gained.
Doing the routine one more time,
To fix that motion and straighten that line.
We've had many falls and lots of tough breaks,
We took our chances but knew what was at stake.
We are all exhausted and ready to rest,
But first we must show the world who is best.
Regardless of what the judges criticize,
Remember they weren't there to realize,
We sweated, we ached, and we worked all the while,
And we hide all the pain with a convincing smile.
So show them now what we have worked for,
Give a little extra where there needs to be more.
Smile and know that we have finished the race,
Regardless of what we win or place.

By Jessica McDuffie


The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on my life.

Attitude is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company...a church...a home....a team.

The remarkable thing is that we have a choice every day regarding theattitude we will embrace. We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we CAN do is play on the one string we have aand that is our attitude! I am convinced that life is truly 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.

Charles Swindoll


As she stands in front of the world
Her stomach balled up and curled.
Shes waited all year for this day
And thrown many opportunites away.

She had a chance to do many other things,
But all she wanted was some wings.
Cheerleading was her sport,
and all other ones just fell short.

The music turns on blasting
But her fear is everlasting.
She goes to flip fly and soar,
They need the winning score.

As the end of the routine is near,
The fear just suddenly disappears.
The music stops with a boom,
the other teams have reached their doom.

They're done and they watch and they wait,
to finally ascertain their fate.
The score is up and the results are in,
Only one team can win.

All the other teams sit and cry,
but her team's faces are dry.
The winner has been announced,
Their team had won pronounced!
Eagle Wings
by Anice Bradley

Today is the day so plan to be your best.
You have the chance to pass the ultimate test.
Lift your head up high and open your eyes to see.
Let your mind wander and be what you can be.
Stand up be your all, show your strength and your skill.
You have a mission that only you can fulfill.
With life you get just one, but many times to try
To show all the world, how high you can fly.
Just open up your wings, you know what to do
One little decision and you'll be like an eagle, too.

Varsity Cheer Coach & GSSA Assistant Director
Bishop Amat Memorial High School

  #1 SQUAD
by Anita from Putnam

We've been bruised, scratched, and kicked
But we're never broken
We've been sore, tired, and annoyed
But never will we fall
Through these things we have taught each other courage, love and wisdom
When times are tough, we are strong
When stunts fall, we try harder
When someone's down, we give them a smile
If we stick together we'll make it through
Nothing will tear us apart
So when doubt puts us to the test
Remember 3 words

Through My Eyes

As we walk through the door, our hair up in curls,
We watch some of the girls practice their flips and twirls.
It's our turn to practice, we run through everything once or twice;
All stunts are solid, the routine looks nice.
Our team is called, it's time to go on,
Our minds go blank, the routine is gone.
The crowd goes wild as we spirit out,
Everyone is nervous without a doubt.
The music starts, the routine comes back,
This is the real thing, no time to slack.
Formation runs and motion drills, we've all come to hate,
Really paid off, 'cause we're looking great.
We've practiced for hours to look good for three minutes,
We give it our all right up to the finish.
First place or last, we know we've done our best,
Now it's time to cheer for the rest.
Submitted By Randi
  Twas the night before competition,
and all through the bunch
Not a person was tired, not even the coach
Awards were hung in the hall with care
In hopes that another would soon be there.
The uniforms were nestled in the small suitcase,
The shoes were kept close and tied with lace,
Finally, asleep we dreamt of winning,
Waking to the sound of one of our bases singing.
We ate a healthy breakfast, our coach said it is a must.
We loaded onto our bus; the only thing we left behind was dust.
We entered the gym, hopefully on time,
But only to find
That we were in the wrong town
We started to drive, this time west bound.
We finally made it, and started to unpack,
To find nothing that we lack.
We're ready to go
But just then (somebody's name) yelled, "Owe I've sprained my toe!"
We wrapped it up tight,
This time ready to fight.
As we took the floor,
I recall thinking, Man I'm gonna be sore.
We did our routine, with a few mistakes,
We had a few more sprains, but thankfully, no breaks.
We went off smiling, happy, cheerful, and doing a jump.
Knowing that we'd lost but hoping for second.
When the announcers called out who had won
We were nowhere to be found we started to leave thinking we were done.
But then he quickly yelled out,
"Hey, (where ever you're from) you've just won, with out a doubt."
Shocked and amazed, joyful and surprised,
We smiled gratefully and took our prize,
We'd always remember this day,
Every time we say,
"Congratulations to all,
And to all a good year."