Coach Poems & Quotes


We finally learned
What life is all about...

The secret of success
Comes doubt!

We trained, we sweated
We ached, we cried...

And found out we got better
Each time we tried!

We were pushed, yelled at
Preached at, too....

But the more that this happened,
the more that we grew!

"You can be anything
you want to be!"

This voice kept shouting out to us.

Yet who can we blame for such a daring approach?

That General....
That Counselor....
That Friend I call

Coach, friend, leader, biggest fan.
There aren't enough words to describe
what you've meant to us these years.
You've been by our side through thick and thin.
Whether its a hug to congratulate,
Or to wipe away the tears.
You've brought us strength when we were weak,
You've given us courage when we felt meek.
Always pushing us to do our best,
To never give up until we've beaten the rest.
You taught us how to be a team,
And to strive for our goals,
No matter how impossible they seem.
We've been pushed, yelled at, preached at, too,
But the more that this happened, the more we grew.
We will carry you with us for the rest of our lives,
Hearing that voice encouraging us to overcome any strife.
It's hard to say good-bye, but we want you to know,
how thankful we are for that friend we call Coach.

TO Laurie Wager
Varsity Cheer Coach
Mascoutah (IL) High School
From her cheerleaders


Thank you, Cheerleaders, for your very special smiles
Our (mascot) friendship circle unites us across the miles.  
We share a special commitment, our love is strong and dear
The feelings we have shared together last throughout the year  
We know you work real hard, and practices are sometimes tough
But for what we feel for you, we just can't give enough.  
We want so much to help you be the best that you can be.
To know each other closely and to work in harmony  
We hope you understand us and know us as your friends
Hold fast to special memories for our friendship never ends  
Thank you most of all for simply saying YES!
You worked to reach your goals and your spirit is the best.  
We love you all so much, you’re warm and touch our hearts.
Your spirit stays within us even when we are apart.  
So take this simple message and share it wherever you go. 
Be yourself and share your love because your coaches love you so!

by Gwen P. Holtsclaw

I will teach my team the pleasures of hard work
And the importance of teamwork.
I will show them the joys of reaching a goal
And the satisfaction of finishing strong.
I will explain to them the beauty of integrity
And the fulfillment of fitness.
I will know their name
And demand thier best.
I wll do these things because I love them
And respect them.
The surest way I know to teach these things
Is to have them learn by my example.


Good coaches plan – great coaches plan every detail based on a strong personal philosophy

Good coaches understand the game – Great coaches understand the game, their athletes, and how to teach both.

Good coaches have strong beliefs – Great coaches are believed.

Good coaches are positive – Great coaches have a positive passion.

Good coaches make an athlete who they are = Great coaches make their athletes see what they can be and help them achieve it!

Good coaches talk about their expectations – Great coaches have athletes who meet their expectations.

by Bruce E. Brown

You taught me determination.
You gave me the skills
to persist in life's game,
and for that I always will
give thanks for you
and look back and boast
that I had the privilege
of calling you coach.
For a coach who saw more in me,
More than I thought I could ever be,
Who taught me to discipline
This mind and the body I’m in,
Who raised expectations and dreams,
Beyond just an athlete’s schemes,
Beyond normal endurance,
Beyond myself, and ever since,
I’m a greater man for it,
Because you taught me not to quit.

A Flyer's Thanks
Thank you to my bases for always being there
It's all because of you that people see me in the air
Thank you to my back spot- I've a lot to thank you for
You've landed flat on your back- but never let me hit the floor

For all those times I smacked you- trying to twist down
For all the times I spazzed out- and couldn't get around
For all the times you yelled, "Lock out! LOCK YOUR KNEES!"
For all the times you said ok when I said, "one more time, please?"

I didn't catch your shoulders- its my job as your flyer
You said ok and didn't kill me when I said, "uh, could you catch a little higher?"
When ready to give up- "Stick it!" you would scream
And I could, because of you and the faith in our team.

For all the times you were tired- your muscles were so sore
With a sigh, you toughed it out and let me stunt some more
When trying new stunts and I was scared of what to do
You calmed me down and promised, "Relax- you know we've got you"

Bruises, pain and knuckle scrapes- my basket tosses brought
Backwards, forwards, sideways- I still knew that I'd be caught

I know it can't be easy- catching all my weight
You make it look so easy- we make our stunts look great
And even when we drop one- I know its not the end
You always catch me safely and we put it up again

So for all the times you caught me- you never let me fall
I know that backs and bases work the hardest of us all
You do all the work and I get so much glory
I know it isn't fair that people don't see the full story
Just know once more I thank you- for everything you've done
Without your work and friendship cheering wouldn't be as fun
And every time someone says they're amazed by what I do
I thank you and know that it my heart,
It's all because of you.