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Brittany Geragotelis, Assistant Editor, American Cheerleader magazine said

Developing a Successful Cheerleading Program is a must-have for every high school cheer coach. It's a wonderful and insightful book that will prepare any first-time coach for the intricacies of cheerleading. Pam Headridge and Nancy Garr do an awesome job of both organizing the modern cheer coach's life and keeping up spirit, like a true cheerleader!

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Pam Headridge coached the nationally ranked Oak Harbor High School Wildcat cheerleaders in both competition and crowdleading for 19 years. Her team won several national titles including USA Spirit National Co-Ed champions and several sideline awards.

She has been honored as National Cheerleading Coach of the Year, American Cheerleader magazine’s Outstanding High School Coach of the Year in 2009, WSCCA Hall of Fame Contributor, Cheer Ltd Pinnacle of Excellence Award, PacWest Lifetime Achievement Award, and National Federation of High School National Coach.

Pam has written articles for many magazines including “The Coach”, “Sporting Kids”, “ Cheer Coaches & Advisors”, ""American Cheerleader”, ”Entirely Cheer”, and “National Federation of High Schools”. She travels the country speaking at conferences and clinics on topics about cheerleading from motivation, leadership, stunting and coaching.

Here is what you have been waiting for..... DVDs for everything from conditioning your cheerleaders to creating excitement with transitional stunting. Every DVD gives you step by step guide and demonstrations to ensure that your cheerleaders can learn all the material. A must for every cheerleading coach!

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A detailed overview of the principles & techniques involved in developing highly fit cheerleaders. Focuses on flexibility, aerobic capacity & muscular fitness.
Covers all the jumps from hurdlers to toe touches. Also includes stretching exercises to help enhance level of flexibility and strengthening drills to increase vertical jumping ability.
Take stunting to the next level with this video. Learn in detail how to master liberties, scales, scorpions, basket tosses and more.
A comprehensive overview of the necessary foundations to exceptional stunting. Fully demonstrated step by step by the Oak Harbor High School cheerleaders
This video challenges your cheerleading team with combinations of stunts that create excitement to cheer routines. Each stunt is explained in detail.
An invaluable overview of several new, creative pyramids. Each pyramid is demonstrated step by step. Includes pyramids for both small and large squads.
Features an easy-to-understand overview of each sequence with detailed demonstrations by the award winning Oak Harbor High School cheerleaders.
Spice up your team's repertoire of chants. Included are chants for football, basketball, and generic chants for all sports.

101 School Spirit Ideas

"101 School Spirit Ideas is a must have for any cheerleading program. You will find yourself amazed at the small things that make a big difference when promoting school spirit. The ideas are simple, yet very effective. The book will help you get everyone involved and have fun in the process" - Andrea Snyder, Athletic Coordinator, Juanita High School, WA

Cost - $20
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